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VoIP Internet Phone Call
Call Forwarding
Incoming Calls ring where you Want, When you want.

kd-mobile Call Forwarding lets you ring multiple numbers of your choice. You can send incoming calls to any phone number you choose, even International numbers.

Sequential Ringing
With Sequential Ringing, your incoming calls will ring each number you specify in the exact order you choose for the length of time you select. If a number you chose is in use or does not answer, the next number in your list will immediately ring. Sequential ringing can ring both in network and out of network numbers including long distance and International numbers. Why do you want this? Let's say you don't want callers to go to voicemail even when you can't get the phone. You can add all of your numbers including other business associates, your home, office, cell and even your friends or someone else who takes calls for you. With sequential ringing you'll never miss an important call.

Simultaneous Ringing: This incredible feature rings all the Numbers you chose at one time. The call will connect to the first phone answered.

Why do you want this?
This feature is perfect for companies who have multiple people available to take calls or for individuals on the move. Users that are not always near one specific phone can make sure callers reach you in the fewest number of rings. Whether you're at home, in the car, out to lunch, travelling or at work, you can answer a call fast.

How it Works:
Advanced Call Forwarding is Included with every kd-mobile Account at No addition Cost. Forward Calls are included in any Calling Plans as Long as The calls are Covered by that Plan.

For example:
Customer has TOSS WORLD UNLIMITED Plan and forwards the calls to a Los angeles Phone Number.

Easy to Setup and Easy to Use :
Setting up kd-mobile Call Forwarding is Easy.

  • Login to the web-base Control Panel.
  • Click the Call Forwarding Tab.
  • Enter The Number you want to Ring.
  • Choose Sequential or Simultaneous and the Number of Seconds you Want The System To Ring.
  • kd-mobile Phone Service Provides you with your Own GSM SIM-CARDs, That roams in many different Countries Under Your Own Brand-Name, We Provides Home Phone Services, Includes Internet phones with free Internet Calling and TOSS WORLD UNLIMITED Calling Plans. We offer Prepaid Phone Services and International Phone Using our Phone System and an analog Telephone adaptor ( ATA ). The Solution are designed for home Phone Services, Business Phone Service, Call-shop, Telemarketing Firms and Cyber-Cafes. kd-mobile is Proud to Support Internet Telephone Equipment ( IP Phones ), Including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000,Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other IP Phone adaptors. We also Support Asterisk and PBX, Trixbox and offer Turn-Key Phone-Service Reseller Business Opportunity to let Entrepreneurs and Business Resell Our Phone Services Under Their Brand Name Copyright © 2001-2016 kd-mobile

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