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Unlimited Calling to the
US and Canada, PLUS
Unlimited Calling to
67 additional Countries*

Includes Features

Choose your Area Code
3-Way Calling
911 Dailing
411 Directory Assistance
Call Forwarding
Call Hunt
Call Return
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Local Access Numbers
Do Not Disturb
Free Toll-Free Calling
Free In Network Calling
International Call Block
Low International Rates
Money-Back Gaurantee
Multi Ring
Online Account Management
Online Recharge of Call Credit
Pinless Dailing
( Requires Call Credit)
Trade-In Program
Travel with your Account
Virtual Phone Numbers
Additional Lines
Local Number
Local Number Portability (LNP)
Toll Free Numbers

VoIP Internet Phone Call
911 Dialing
In case of emergency

In case of emergency kd-mobile supports 911 dialing. Dial 911 only in case of emergency.

How it Works:

To configure your account for 911 dialing,
login to your ( Control Panel ).

Non-Availability of Traditional 911 or E911 Service.

END USER MUST MAINTAIN AN ALTERNATE MEANS OF REQUESTING EMERGENCY SERVICES. END USER acknowledges and understands that COMPANY does NOT support traditional 911 and E911 access to emergency services. The limited emergency response service provided by us differs in a number of important ways from traditional 911 and E911 as explained further below. END USER must maintain an alternate means of accessing traditional emergency response services. END USER acknowledges and understands that our 911 Service cannot be used in conjunction with a Soft Phone or non-interconnected Virtual Numbers (virtual numbers not associated with a DID and therefore cannot receive calls from a PSTN line). Our 911 Service is not automatic; END USER must separately take affirmative steps, as described in This.

At a glance

911 calls require configuration.

911 and kd-mobile service
will not operate during power
failure or without Internet connection.