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Corporate Overview
kd-mobile is the leading Provider of high quality features-rich GSM phone Services to Consumers and Businesses in over 150 countries. Our Industry leading System allow subscribers To use Any GSM SIM-CARD or even Internet connection to make and Receive Calls Anywhere in The World they can Use a GSM SIM-CARDs, To Use our Service Via Internet must be upon a, Customer Request. We offer high Quality, Features Rich Communication Services with a, Substantial Savings Over Traditional Telephone Companies and other Internet Telephony Providers.

kd-mobile.com Customers Benefits From a choice of Calling plans that best Fits they needs. Each Calling Plans Includes Free Calling to Other kd-mobile Subscribers Worldwide, Prepaid ´´Out of plan´´ Calling With Low International Rates, and Toss World link medium, Unlimited Calling to the Destinations they Call the most for one Flat Monthly fee, We also offer , World Talk Medium, that is included with 10 Virtual Phone Numbers ,that you Can give to your Families or Friends or even to your Co-Workers So everybody Can Call for free, All of Our Service Works Three Ways, Home-Phone/Computer/Cell-phone/Mobile/phone, Included free video-Calls And tex/messages, Every Account Includes Over 20 Free Features Such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting and International Call forwarding. Found in 2001 kd-mobile is Privately held and Base in CSO JA..,WI.. For additional information Please Visit ,

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If you have Questions about your Account, kd-mobile Services and features, or Require Technical Support , please Contact Us.

Vendor Relations
Devices Manufacturers and Service Providers Please Contact: Vendor-relations@kd-mobile.com

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For media and Other press Information please email: press@kd-mobile.com

kd-mobile Phone Service Provides you with your Own GSM SIM-CARDs, That roams in many different Countries Under Your Own Brand-Name, We Provides Home Phone Services, Includes Internet phones with free Internet Calling and TOSS WORLD UNLIMITED Calling Plans. We offer Prepaid Phone Services and International Phone Using our Phone System and an analog Telephone adaptor ( ATA ). The Solution are designed for home Phone Services, Business Phone Service, Call-shop, Telemarketing Firms and Cyber-Cafes. kd-mobile is Proud to Support Internet Telephone Equipment ( IP Phones ), Including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000,Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other IP Phone adaptors. We also Support Asterisk and PBX, Trixbox and offer Turn-Key Phone-Service Reseller Business Opportunity to let Entrepreneurs and Business Resell Our Phone Services Under Their Brand Name

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