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Resellers / Partners Administration Panel ( PAP )

The Resellers / Partner Administration Panel (PAP) was designed to allow partners to efficiently manage accounts, features, and customer information with one intuitive web based interface.

The following are just a few of the ways PAP helps you manage your business:
  • Manage customer features, Phone-Numbers ,DID numbers, credit limits, rate tables and more
  • Manage GSM-SIM-CARDS Prepaid Call-Credit
  • Create SIP Trunking accounts
  • We also offer a Employers /Reseller/Partners Login to Manage there Customers >> https://www.postqueue.com/secure/
  • We also offer you Login for your Customers to Manage there account >> https://www.postqueue.com/controlpanel/
  • Add lines and configure free IP to IP calling
  • Assign termination credit and call restrictions
  • Order DID numbers, SIP termination and all of our other services for real-time provisioning
  • Customize your SIP Proxy
  • Create/edit rate tables
  • View CDRs
  • Customize product names, voice prompts and dial plan
  • Check international rates and ASR
  • View your accounting statement of account
  • Make manual credit card payments and set default payment methods
  • View invoices
  • Open help desk ticket
  • Set automatic recharge thresholds
  • Manage Phone-Numbers and DID numbers