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International Phone Numbers (Virtual DID Numbers) !
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With kd-mobile, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code/location.
Our phone service is available worldwide, and you can choose any international phone number or Virtual Number. Choose a phone number in your calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers located across the world.

For example:
Let's say you live in the UK or anywhere in Europe or Caribbean or even South-America where you use your kd-mobile.com phone. You mom lives in New Jersey. Her area code is 856. You could get a telephone numer in the 856 area code that rings in New Jersey. Now mom doesn't have to pay long distance charges when she calls you. There is no limit to the amount of telephone numbers you can have and they will ring anywhere in the world you connect using you kd-mobile phone.

Check the availability and pricing of our international DID phone numbers by selecting a location from the fields below.

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If you would like to purchase a phone number from the area you have selected, click "Purchase Phone Number" above and you will be prompted to choose a calling plan on the next page. Choose our "LiteLine"plan which offers "Pay As You Go Calling" in addition to the DID phone number. Or choose our World Unlimited plan which provides a flat rate monthyly plan perfect to replace your existing phone service. kd-mobile.com Virtual DID phone numbers can be added to any of our calling plans through the kd-mobile.com Control Panel. If you would like to keep your existing phone number, choose our LiteLine, pay as you go. or TOSS World unlimited plan.

Our Home Phone Service includes Internet phones with free Internet calling and unlimited US and Canada plans plus 67 countries. We also offer white label your own GSM SIM CARD in your branded name included prepaid phone service and International DID numbers using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adapter (ATA). The solutions are designed for home phone service, business phone service, call shops, telemarketing firms and cyber cafes. kd-mobile.com is proud to support Internet telephony equipment (IP Phones) including Sipura 2000, Sipura 3000, Cisco 186, Linksys PAP2 and other SIP phone adaptors. We also support Asterisk PBX, Tribox and offer turn-key VoIP Reseller business opportunities to let entrepeneurs and business resell voice over Internet (VoIP) under their brand name.




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