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Customer Control-Panel-User Portal

Real time access to customer account information and features

KD-Mobile Telecom helps you enable your web site to let customers access their VoIP account information to set call forwarding, establish Pinless dialing, review call history, change account information, listen to voicemails, and more. Our award winning Control-panel >> https://www.postqueue.com/controlpanel/ puts you in control with tools never available through traditional phone companies. You can integrate the Control Panel to your web site look and feel using an iFrame.

We also offer a Generic login Area for those who may not have a web site or the technical capabilities to create one.

Your Control-Panel USER PORTAL:

KD-Mobile also offer a Employers /Reseller/Partners Login to Manage there Customers >> https://www.postqueue.com/secure/

Customers login >> https://www.postqueue.com/controlpanel/

Employers Login>> https://www.postqueue.com/secure/