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Device Configuration Guides

Cisco ATA 186/188

The Hard Phone is Actually an ATA ( analog telephone adaptor ). It Enable you to connect your POTS ( Plain old Telephone System ) Phones to the Internet . Think of it as a phone jack for, kd-mobile.com phone Service. It has One Ethernet port and two, RJ11 phone Jacks. It is fairly easy to configure. Out of the Box, It is configure for DHCP. This means that it gets its IP address from DHCP server automatically. Full Documentation can be found , At Cisco's site

Since kd-mobile works only GSM included SIP protocol, you need Make sure that you are running the correct SIP FIREWARE on your Phone. The latest Version is 3.0 and can be found

STEP 1 You may first want set to reset your unit to Factory default settings. To do this, pick up the phone handset attached to the line 1 jack and Press the illuminated red button.

Dial : 322873738#

Then dial *(asterisk) and hang up

NOTE : this will completely reset the unit to factory default settings, Erasing any values that may already exist!

Now again pick your Phone handset and press the red button, then

Dial : 21# And you will be told the IP address of your device ( e.g. ).

Go to any brower equipped computer on your network and enter the address:


(where is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP 1.)

You Need to Modify on a few parameters from the Factory default. They are listed here:

UIDO : Enter the phone number you chose when you signed Up for kd-mobile.com Service.
PWDO : Enter the password that you chose when you signed up For kd-mobile.com Service.
GkOrProxy : sip.kd-mobile.com
SIPRegion : 1
Display Name: Enter your full name. This will show up As part of your caller id.



Click on the apply Button on the form.

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