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Device Configuration Guide’s

DiPhone D10 Plus

This hard phone is actually an ATA (analog telephone adaptor). It enables you to connect your POTS (plain old telephone system) phones to the Internet. Think of it as a phone jack for VoIP. It has one ethernet port and two RJ11 phone jacks. It is fairly easy to configure. Out of the box, it is configured for DHCP. This means that it gets its IP address from your DHCP server automatically. Full documentation can be found at Cisco's Site. Since jt-mobile works only with SIP protocol, you need to make sure that you are running the correct SIP firmware on your phone. The latest version is 3.0 and can be found here.


Entering the networking configuration menu:


1. Press the # sign at the same time the IP Phone is powered up.

2. You will be prompted for a password. The factory default user password is 1234.

3. Enter your password and press the Spk button.

You will see a configuration menu:

0 Static    1 DHCP     2 PPPOE     3 Modem



If your connection type is Modem:


1. Press 3 to show dialnumber. > Press Spk to input ISP dial up number.> Press Spk to confirm.

2. Press Vol(+) to show pppid (dialup user id). > Press Spk to input your pppid. > Press Spk to confirm..

3. Press Vol(+) to show ppppin (dialup password). > Press Spk to input pppin. > Press Spk to confirm.

4. Press Vol(+) to finish setting. The phone will reboot automatically activate the configuration

Hint on how to enter username ‘ kcl' in the phone number pad: 555 2222 5555

Hint on how to correct wrong input: Press the Vol(-) to delete the previous input.

Other Network Connection Type

Static IP type:

1. Press 0 to show current IP # . Press Spk to input or change local IP. For example, if you have an actual IP address of, you have to press 1 0 * 1 9 * 2 0 * 6 3 press Spk button to confirm.

2. Press Vol(+) to show the net-mask. > Press Spk to modify it. For example, if you have a net-mask of, press 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 2 5 5 * 248 > press Spk to confirm.

3. Press Vol(+) to show the router IP . > Press Spk .to modify it. For example if your router IP # is 10.19.20, it can be set by pressing 1 0 * 1 9 * 2 0 * 1 and then p ress Spk to confirm.

4. Press Vol(+) to show the DNS You can setup your DNS 1 and 2 by the same way. Press Vol(+) to finish

PPPoE IP type:

1. Press 2 to show your pppid (PPPoE username). > Press Spk to input a new ISP user name . Press Spk to confirm.

2. Press Vol(+) to show your ppppin (password). > Press SPk to input ISP password . Press Spk to confirm.

3. Press Vol(+) to finish setting.

DHCP IP type:

Press 1



To access web-based configuration (if needed).

Press the Power status button on the phone. You will hear IP number or see it on the LCD display. Enter this IP number on a browser of a computer that is in the same network that the phone is in. A configuration screen will appear.


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