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Device Configuration Guides


While we offer the suggested 3rd party configuration guides below, we do not provide in-depth technical support for any of these devices.

KD-Mobile Supports most SIP based Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA), IP Phones and Softphones. We provide easy to understand configuration guides for many popular manufacturers. To view online installation instructions for a device, click your device name below.
Device not listed?  For a guide that has all the standard settings that configure your device with us, (Click here)
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Linksys SPA8000
Linksys SPA8000-G1

Linksys SPA3102
Linksys PAP2T
Linksys SPA2102
Linksys RT31P2
Linksys SPA 9000
Linksys SPA941 NA
Linksys WRT54GP2 NA
Linksys WIP330
Linksys WIP300
Sipura 2000
Sipura 2000

Sipura 2002
Sipura SPA3000
Sipura SPA3000 One Line
Grandstream GXP 2000
Grandstream GXV 3000
Grandstream HandyTone 502
Grandstream HandyTone 286-1
Grandstream HandyTone 486
Cisco SPA509G
Cisco SPA509G

Cisco ATA 186/188
Cisco SPA525G
Cisco SPA112
Cisco SPA504G
Cisco SPA508G
3CXPhone Mobile Softphone
Fring Mobile Softphone

3CX for Android Mobile Softphone
Nokia e61 Mobile Phone

3CX for iPhone Mobile Softphone
Poly SoundPoint 300 IP Phone

DIPhone D10
DiPhone D10 Plus

InnoMedia  MTA6328
InnoMedia MTA6328
Karry 1010 USB Phone

Zoiper Mobile Soft Phone

Lets Tak-Soft-Phone Dialer

Mor-Phone Soft-phone Dialer

CSIPSimple Soft-phone Dialer

UTStarcom WiFi Handset F1000

Eva-Soft-phone Dialer

Adapta SGW-2100
Mor-Phone Soft-phone Dialer