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Hosted IP PBX

KD-Mobile Telecom provides partners with a powerful, hosted PBX to either interconnect with their own service to create a hybrid solution or to private-label and sellstandalone. KD-Mobile Telecom assigns every user a Virtual Number which acts as an internal identifier. This can be mapped to an extension to create dial plans including global our-digit dialing.

The KD-Mobile Telecom Hosted PBX has a complete set of features all of which can be managed through the User Control-Panel or via APIs.

Choose Your Area Code
3 Way Calling
911 Dialing
Call Forwarding
Call Hunt
Call Return
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Local Access Number ( Require Call-Credits )
Do not Disturb
Free Tool-Free-Calling
Free In-Network Calling
International Call Block
Multi Ring
Online Account Management
Online Recharge Of Credits
Pinless Dialing ( Require Call Credit )
Travel With Your Account
Virtual Phone Number
Voice Mail