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Device Configuration Guide’s

Linksys SPA941 NA

The Linksys SPA941 IP telephone can be configured as a two (2) line or, via a simple software upgrade, a four (4) line full featured business phone with pixel based graphical display, speakerphone and headset port. Stylish and functional in design, the SPA941 can be used in residential, SOHO, enterprise and small to medium business service offerings including IP PBX, hosted IP telephony and IP Centrex. Out of the box, it is configured for DHCP. This means that it gets its IP address from your DHCP server automatically.

NOTE: We have seen instances where installing the SPA941 behind a firewall which blocks ICMP packets causes problems with registration. Try turning off any ICMP blocking on your firewall.

Press the Paper "button" and then press number 9 which will take you into the network settings. Option 2 will show you the phone's IP address.


Go to any browser equipped computer on your network and enter the address: http://<IP ADDRESS>/ (where <IP ADDRESS> is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP 1).


Click on the "Admin Login" button near the top right side of the screen, then click on the "Ext 1" tab.


You need to modify only a few parameters from the factory default. They are listed here:

SIP Port :


Proxy :


Register Expires :


User ID :

Enter the phone number you chose when

you signed up for kdlsmobile service.

Password :

Enter the password that you chose when

you signed up for kdlsmobile service.

Preferred Codec :



If the second extension is needed, click on Ext2 and repeat Step 4. Please make sure to increment the SIP port by one. For example, Ext1 SIP port: 5066; Ext2 SIP port: 5067


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