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Device Configuration Guide’s

MorPhone Mobile Soft-phone Dialer

Mor-Phone is a Free mobile Software that lets you talk and communicate using your handset's . Mor-Phone must enables and say ( REGISTERED ),before it can be use as a dialer on your handset’s Mor-Phone softphone offers a simple user interface and superb audio quality for smooth Voice Using kd-mobile Services . calls connect Using Your 4G/3G /EDGE/Wi-Fi access or your GPRS, EDGE or 4G/5G. kd-mobile also give you free video Calls once your handset have video function

MorPhone lets you easily communicate with all your kd-mobile and regular phone contacts from one, integrated contact list. More-Phone also supports hundreds of Services which www.kd-mobile.com Provides, and even from non-SIP enabled handsets, , mobile phones and landline numbers. Lets Talk is also enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence)
Available for both SIP and IAX systems, Mor-Phone is a Phone Dialer solution perfectly fit for end users, service providers, call centers or any business willing to benefit from kd-mobile Service communications
IMPORTANT: Mor-Phone softphone is a standalone client-side software Soft phone application and is not bundled together with a voip service. To make and receive calls using Mor-Phone, you must subscribe to any SIP or IAX based service provider across the globe.

All you need to use Mor-Phone is a 3G handset which connect to kd-mobile with your 7-digit Virtual-Number and Password which you will Receiver from kd-mobile after you Purchase a Service as your mobile service provider, if you have conflict Using Mor-Phone Please make sure your 3G is Receiving proper signals and make sure handset is Wi-Fi enable/connect or go to your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. Mor-Phone does not require any proprietary hardware or , and works with phones purchased through any mobile operator. Mor-Phone can be simply downloaded into your handset from ( Google Play ) or from Our website

Download Mor-Phone >> Download

Mor-Phone key Features include :


Mor-Phone is a free audio Dialer and video Dialer to make Calls from Android Phones & Tablets. It works over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/EDGE.
Mor-Phone Dialer support high quality audio & video codecs like, G729, G711a, G711u, g722, VP8, H.263-1998, H.264 etc.

Compatible with any SIP based Softwitch
Connectivity through WIFI/3G/4G/Edge
Login by Your SIP server, SIP user & Password
Outgoing and incoming Calls
Address book integration
Calls History
work in background mode
Excellent Voice Quality
Audio Codecs Support, G729, G711a, G711u, G722, AMR & GSM
Vedio Codecs Support, H.263, H.264, VP8
Compatible with Android Phones & Tablets OS version 1.6 and above.


This Configuration Guide /Settings Assumes that you have already download the application/dialer
To your mobile Device

1). At The Top Right Click on Settings



At Left Click on Settings

1). In the User name Box, enter your 7 digit Virtual Number

2). In Password Box, enter your and Enter your Password

3) In SIP Server IP/Name Box, Enter sip.kdlsmobile.com

4) In SIP Proxy (Optional )box, enter sip.kdlsmobile.com

5) At The Top-right Click On Save



Make Calls

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