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Switch to kd-mobile Without losing your Phone Number

In most cases kd-mobile lets keep your existing Phone Number even if you ’r moving out of the area code where Your Phone Number is located. Make the move to kd-mobile.com and get all the Features you use to have To pay for …. FREE. Call waiting, Three Way calling, Voicemail and many more free feature Are included Free With every kd-mobile.com Account.

Find out if you can switch your Number ( land-line or Cell ) To kd-mobile.com by entering it into the Selector to the Right and we’ll instantly tell you if your Number is Transferable.

Keep in mind that if your Phone Number is Connected to Your DSL Connection, you need to take additional Steps to Transfer your Number to Us. If you want to keep your DSL Connection, Check with your Current Phone Service Provider To see if they offer’’ NAKED DSL’. If so, they can unbundle Your Phone Number from you DSL Service Allowing you to Transfer the Number Without Problems. If your Current Provider does not offer that Service ,Check with your local Cable Company as most Cable Operators offer higher Speed internet connections at more competitive price.

HOW DO I TRANSFER MY NUMBER TO kd-mobile? Existing kd-mobile.com Customers, please Contact UsToss US/Canada Unlimited for Instructions how to Port into your Existing Account.

1.Choose our service, or our plan or our plan.
2. Once you have complete your Oder, you will be ask if You would like to keep your phone number.
3. Complete the Online forms and follow the Instructions To Transfer your Phone Number to kd-mobile.com

In some instances, we may not be able to transfer your Number This case you Can Choose a New incoming phone with the Area
The Transfer Process can take up to 30 Days, Depending on Your local Phone Company or your Cell phone/Mobile service Provider.

What happen While my number is being Transferred?
During the Number Transfer Process, We provide you a Temporary Number so that you Can begin to use Our Service And all its Free features Immediately is Transferred, we’ll Inform you Via EMAIL and your Number will be Transfer Seamlessly.

Who do I Contact if I have any questions?
Contact kd-mobile.com Customer Support Through our
or Call : +442033183304 or +786-975-2104 or +317080080133 ( International Customers ).

How do I keep my existing international Phone Number?
1.Please place an Order for a Number from the Same Country you wish to Port an Existing Number. Once you Receive our Response Email stating that Your International Number Order provisioned and Account is Open, Please Forward this Email to Internationalport@kd-mobile.com stating the specific Number you Wish to Port.
2. You will receive a reply from our International Local Number Porting Department, Verifying that That the Number is Portable and will be Provided with The specific documents required by the Porting Country To port your Number you wish to port.
3. Update on the porting Process Can be sent to Internationalport@kd-mobile.com
4. Note that international porting process can be sent to Complete, after all documentation has been Verified And accepted by the country involved.
5. Please see our list Of Countries that can port Numbers To kd-mobile.com and the association porting fee for Each number.

Additional FAQ’s

1. What is the cost of porting a Number?
There is a setup fee of $29.95 for USA or Canada Numbers. Setup Vary fee for
2. Where can I port my Number from?
USA, Canada and 21
3.How can I check if my number is portable?
The order form includes an ‘auto’ check/Update from the System Orders that are not portable will be Flagged a s such During the order process. International Numbers can be check By emailing Internationalport@kd-mobile.com with The phone number you wish to port.
4. How do I port a number to replace an existing DID Number?
Email sales@kd-mobile.com for instructions. International DIDs email Internationalport@kd-mobile.com for Instructions.
5. How long does the process take?
Up to 30 Days from the we receive all request information.
6. Can I port a Toll-Free-Number?
Yes, Place an order for a Toll-Free-Number and email sales@kd-mobile.com The Order Number and Number you will port and they will return an LOA and further instructions.
7.Can I port multiple numbers at the same time?
No you must submit them individually. However, If You are going to port more than 25, we can discuss Discounts.
8. Is the port fee refundable in the even my number is
Not ported? Yes, unless you haven’t provide all requested information Such as LOA and copy of phone bill.
9. When can I cancel my current number?
Only once you have receive conformation from us that your Number has been ported successfully.

10. How do I start the process?
New customers should place an order for a plan that includes USA/Canada DID phone Number for
www.kd-mobile.com Exisiting customers should place an order for a plan that includes A USA/
Canada DID phone Number form the'' Place Oder'' link Your Control Panel. Internal ports, Click here.

11. Why in my number not portable?

Number porting requires interaction between Carriers and in Some cases your Provider might not
be able to numbers out. In addition, in some regions ( Usually Rural Area ),our footprint Does not
include the ability to port numbers due to Infrastructure and carrier partnerships.

12 . What is required to port my number

www.kd-mobile.com ? In order to port your number we will need a copy of the LOA ( Letter of
authorization, sent to the time of the order ) Sign And dated. We will also require proof of ownership
of the Number. This is most commonly found in the form of phone Bill ( No later than 30 Days old
). Be sure your proof of ownership Shows your Name, Address, and the Telephone Number ported.
Also be sure that the information on the bill matches the Information on the Letter of authorization.
Document require For international port Vary from Country to Country.

13. What can cause delay in my porting

Porting can take up to 30 Days on a clear and correct order. There Are Several factors that can
affect the port time of your order. The primary causes of Delays is invalid information. Check with
Your current Provider to be sure you are providing Us with The correct Name, Address, and Billing
Telephone Number for Your order. Sometimes the providers has things listed in their System then
you think. Another common cause for Delay is Outdated proof of ownership; Please be sure that the
LOA and Bill are Both dated within 30 Days.

14. My provider says the info is correct, but I am still being Rejected. What can I do?

Please Contact your Current Carrier and requested a Copy of ''CSR'' ( Customer service Record ). They
are Requirements by Law to Give this to you, and the CSR is the Magic key to all things LNP.

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