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Device Configuration Guides

Poly SoundPoint 300 IP Phone

The Polycom Soundpoint IP 300 is a two-line desktop IP telephone That delivers remarkable value. Simular in sound quality and, Easy-of-use to the Poolycom SoundPoint IP 500 and SoundPoint IP 600, the SoundPoint IP 300 offers Users an entry-level high Quality Chice for their Communications needs.

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 300 provides an easy Transition from Traditional PBX features and Functionality into the world of Voice Over IP with dedicated hard-keys and context sensitive soft keys. It Has an intutive User interface, offering one button access to common Telephone features, a two-part 10/100 Ethernet switch, and an Infomation-rich display delivers content for messaging, call Infomation, directory access, and applications. You will also have The added benefit of listening to voice mail or Conference via One-way monitor speaker.


Login into your phone Configure Utility.


Click on ´´Registration´´ tab. Under ´´Registration 1´´ modify the following parameters.

Display Name : Enter your full name.
Address :   Enter your 7 digit Virtual Number.
Auth USER ID: Enter your 7 digit Virtual Number.
Auth Password : Enter your kd-mobile password.  
Label: Enter your 7 digit Virtual Number.  
Address: sip.kdslmobile.com  
Port: 5060  


Click on ‘’ Submit “ to save your changes.

Click on the ‘’ Core Conf '' . ‘’ tab. Under ‘’ Audo Processing “ modify your Codec Preference as Follows:

G.711u Not Used
G.711a Not Used
G.729AB First

Click on ‘’Submit ‘’ to save your changes.


Make Calls!!